September 22, 2023

By Chris Elliott…….

Yes do join the Leisure Line by sending us photos of you or your friends having fun or indulging in your hobbies for including in our Enewspaper.

We are just now publishing our 9th issue of the Free online Enewspaper that has seen lots of attention with many readers subscribing to receive a weekly email with a link to the latest copy of the Enewspaper which they can read, share or download.

Not content with resting on our laurels we are always trying to improve what is a community newspaper by encouraging everybody in the community to share their news and reviews to a wider audience by using our website and Enewspaper which also has a worldwide readership.

In issue 9 of our Enewspaper we have now placed “The Leisure Line” where on some pages we will be sharing those pictures of our communityfriends  just having fun in whatever they are doing so if you also want to write to us and send your pictures, please do so  by email to and we will try to share them for you.

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