September 27, 2022

By Peri Sualp….

I was born 12 years ago. When I was born mobile phones like Motorola, Nokia had already existed for almost 3 decades. There were some smartphones like Blackberry on the market since the year 2000 as well.

But when I was 2 years old iphone 3 was released then BOOM! I think that was the starting point of this crazy smartphone era into which the new generation was born.

I never knew a life without a smartphone or an ipad or a computer. This is my life’s reality. There was a computer in our house where I used to play educational toddler games, then a more convenient gear, ipad replaced the computer. When I finished primary school I had earned my first smartphone. Since then I am using it for many things that I need and like.

Smartphones have so many advantages; they are not only phones but they also have internet access so they work like a mini personalised computer that you can easily carry anywhere you go. You can use all means of communication on it by downloading applications. Sending text messages, written or voice, is like snapping your fingers. You can check your social media accounts like facebook, snapchat, instagram etc. in a split second. You can take high quality photos and videos, furthermore you can even send and share them to your friends and family or post them in different media so everyone can see. You can send and receive e-mails, you can use internet banking without having to go to a bank (mum does), you can shop online and have everything you purchased to your door, even return them. Buying airline tickets has never been easier (mum says). By having google on your smartphone you can search everything. Besides by having google map or other navigation applications you can find any address and never get lost. You can watch TV channels and listen to radio channels as well. You can download your taste of music and have it right there for your convenience. Do you need a calculator? It’s there for your use. Do you need to learn the time or have an alarm clock? All is right there in your palm.. I am not even mentioning the vast amount of games and entertainment you can find when you are bored plus books you can read.

For example I am writing this article on my smartphone, then I’ll add photos to it again from my smartphone, then I’ll e-mail it to ‘CyprusScene’ and when it is published I’ll post it from my smartphone. Smartphones can do almost everything you need – (except cooking or making your tea!)

It’s quite a normal image to see everyone in all age groups looking at their smartphones almost 7/24. But somehow adults, especially parents and educators are continually complaining about the usage of smartphones in young ages. So I am asking – Is it really absurd for us, who were born into this technology, to use smartphones for all our needs?

PS: Next week I’ll write more about what the ‘smartphone generation’ can do besides using their phones in order to make their parents and educators happy!  I will also include some of the disadvantages of smartphones in order to prove our parents and educators are right!

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