December 8, 2023

Readers Mail
From Kyrenia Animal Rescue…

Sadly, Kyrenia Animal Rescue often get calls from the public reporting an undernourished or injured dog in their area.

This poor dog was found in the mountains above Lapta by a lady walking her dogs. As you can see he is very skinny and no doubt he is yet another dumped hunting dog. He is now at the K.A.R. rescue centre and will receive the medical treatment and care that he needs.

There were in fact 2 dogs, but the other is very nervous of people. Food is being left for him and it is hoped that soon he will become less scared of people, so he can be caught.

This dog was lucky, but often dogs like him are never found and are left to starve to death.  This is cruel and slow death.

If you witness anyone dumping/abandoning an animal please report them to the police and give them a description of their vehicle and license plate number.

Kyrenia Animal Rescue rely solely on donations for funding, please help us to help the animals of Northern
Adopt, Volunteer, Feed, Sponsor, Donate, Love – our animals want all of these but would be happy with just
one of them


Tel 009 0533 8694098

Bank Details: HSBC UK: 40-21-02
Account Number 11364812

IBAN No:GB94HBUK 402102 11364812


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