December 8, 2023

President Mustafa Akıncı has said that he will be following the established procedure for the formation of a new government.

He said that he will be meeting with political parties once the current government officially hands in its resignation.

Speaking at an event yesterday (17th January), the President said that the political parties were currently evaluating the election results.

Akıncı expressed the hope that the parties will assess their situation calmly.

“As the constitution clearly dictates, it is my obligation to hand the duty of forming a new government to a deputy or the head of a parliamentary group who will able to obtain the necessary majority to form a government. This is what the constitution states. That is why I shall be taking this into consideration” he said.

Reminding that there was a parliamentary system in the country and that governments were set up by the parties and not the president, Akıncı said that he will be approving the new government.

“The government will be made up of parties which will come together within the framework of a program. We shall do what is necessary. A formation is yet to emerge. I do not want to comment any further on this issue at this time” he added.

Source:  BRTK

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