December 8, 2023

By Sue Steel – Vice Chair – EFRAR Organising Committee 2018…

The fifth consecutive Car Treasure Hunt held on Sunday 7th January raised 1,580TL as part of the run up to the annual Esentepe Fun, Run and Ramble 2018, supporting Tulips.

The event, which was run by Brian Hills, and hosted by Stevie’s Restaurant in Küçük Erenköy, was a great success with 15 cars taking part. Mr Hills ensured that it was even more challenging than last year with participants having to solve anagrams to identify things to collect on the way.  There was also an observation test at Stevie’s Bar and a motoring quiz.

With a staggered start the course was estimated to take two hours with numerous clues and anagrams to solve. One clue, specifically for the driver, necessitated the driver reading a specific clue then asking just one question which turned out to be “Are you Rose”.  If the right question was asked of the right person then the driver was given a lollipop to bring back to gain a bonus five points.

The course took participants out to Tatlisu, Çinarli then Malindaģ finally ending up back at the restaurant.

The winners were the Muskateers comprising, Eddie Çelebi, Alison Hatcher, Phil Conkie and Janice Harper scoring 140 out of 154 points to pip runners-up, the Esentepe Allstars, by a single point.

Restaurant owner Steve Stockwell hosted the start and finish of the event and provided a donation to Tulips from a roast Sunday lunch for 38 people as well as providing raffle prizes and music.

Mary Watson, Chair of EFRAR 2018 commented: “Once again this was a great event and the weather was perfect for a run out in the countryside.  The clues were diverse and a knowledge of Steptoe and Son and the 1980’s quiz show, Blockbusters, certainly helped.

Our thanks go to Brian Hills, Steve and Linda Stockwell and staff at Stevie’s Restaurant for their donation and use of their premises, all participants and supporters.  These events are not only fun but help to raise vital funds for Tulips.

E.F.R.A.R. 2018 supporting Tulips
Raising money for TULIPS (Help Those With Cancer)

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