September 27, 2022

Girne Municipality has prepared a special activity program for the beginning of the New Year, and also ensuring necessary precautions for the citizens during this period.

Girne Municipality has prepared an event program specifically for the new year. Girne Ramadan will be a concert by Nihal Öztürk and her group at Cemil Square at 10pm on 31st December – New Year’s Eve. After the President’s New Year celebration speech, the event will end with a firework display at 00.30. Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said that all of our people are invited to the New Year activity and wishes peace and happiness to our country and the world.

Precautionary Measures for the New Year

Girne Municipality has taken some precautions to serve the people during the new year, including the first day of the New Year.  The Municipality will collect the garbage of the houses, will provide cleaning services in accordance with its routine schedule. In the distribution of drinking water, the municipality has taken necessary precautions in the event of the failure of the determined program and has organised teams for faults that may occur.

Citizens will be able to call the Municipality of Girne during the emergency period at the following telephone numbers:

Public works, zoning and health services :     0548 881 2114 / 0533 851 7666

Cleaning jobs :                           0533 860 5973/0548 882 3120/0533 825 0104

Water works :                                                      0542 882 1118 / 0542 977 7935

Sewerage works :                                                0533 870 2016

Funeral and burial work :                                      0533 840 5220

Police services :                                                   0542 888 2118 / 0533 836 8817

Health services :                                                  0533 870 2014

Girne Municipality Baldöken Auto Park and Prepaid Water Vezni will close at 12:00 on 28th December. The cashier will be closed on Sunday 31st December, and open on Monday, 1st January from 13:00.

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