10th December was Human Rights Day but has it been achieved?

By Ahmet ABDULAZIZ……..

I must have been aware, but honestly speaking I did not know that 10th December was Human Rights Day. It came and went away, just like all other days pass by. I am sure if you go out and ask people if they knew that 10th December was Human Rights Day, almost 99% of the people would come up with the answer No. 

So, why is it so. How come  human beings do not remember Human Rights Day.  What I understand that each one of us accept is having as Right is the basic human right for him, and whatever he does not have is most probably either not his right, or is not supposed to be so.

Sometimes I wonder why such days have been observed at all? For this question of course most of the people can come up with the same most common and often heard explanation, that it reminds us of “bla bla bla”. I agree, observation of a particular day provides us with a chance to remember something forgotten. Some of the readers may object to my usage of the word “forgotten” here. Yes, they are free to object to that, but unfortunately  that is perhaps the most suitable word that I could use, particularly when we discuss human rights.

Now let’s carry out a simple test ourselves. First of all we must read the list of human rights. Yes there is a list, long enough not to be read, and short enough to be understood.  However, in all the seminars, meetings, etc etc that have been organised in relation to this occasion, they all end up falling on deaf ears and dead brains. Once again I will say sorry by using the objectionable words here. I do not mean to blame anyone. I mean to blame all of us in general. Then after reading everyone  of these rights, we should just Google it and see how far these have been implemented. Then look around and see how far you see these implemented in the society in which you live. 

This is what we must do every day, the whole year, not just once a year on a day which we in fact do not remember at all. 

Are we free people? Yes there is one human right which mentions that every human being has got a right of freedom from slavery. Now look around, you will see slavery continuing everywhere in different forms and shapes. At the most what we can say is that we have now got a white collar slavery.

There is a right to social security. Do we have social security rights everywhere in the world? The reply to this question is a big NO. Why? Just because there are people who do not believe in social security as something that the poor deserve.

Right to Equality. Yes there can be hundreds of different explanations to this. But nobody questions why millions of people world over, do not have a right of equality, most common of which is gender.

Freedom from Discrimination, is what everyone pursues. But have you been successful in creating a world which is free of discrimination? Unfortunately – No.

There is no sense in listing down here the Human Rights one by one. Because the world on an overall basis has failed to provide human beings with their basic rights. There are violations everywhere, somewhere openly, somewhere disguised  .

I accept that in America and most of the European countries, most human beings do enjoy most of the human rights as listed in the charter of human rights. But America and Europe is not the whole world.  So what about the rest of the world? The rest of the world is still struggling to understand what is a human right. Why is it so? As far as I can understand, this is so, because there are people and countries in the world, who are not interested in letting people know what their rights are.  Knowledge of a right is the first step towards achieving it. 

Letting one section of humans enjoy most of their rights and others not even knowing what their rights are, is the state of the world where we live today.

Unfortunately this is the situation, which we are passing through today, where the future is a big question mark!