By Ahmet Abdulaziz…….

The Under 11 badminton team of TRNC, returned back home on 26th November, after participating in the Türkish Badminton Championship played in Ankara.

It was one good opportunity for the budding youngsters of TRNC, who earned valuable experience by competing against the Turkish players. In total the TRNC youngsters gained 5 wins out of the 12 matches played by them.  Salih D. Öztürk, Hüseyin Özuyanık, Marko Lesinger and Başar Kuzel among the boys and Nehir M. Deniz, İncinaz Üngüder and İzgi Mertdin,  from girls representing the TRNC in the tournament, in which 400 players had participated. The tournament started on the 24th and finished on the 26th November 2017.

Mr. Fırat Deniz, President of TRNC Badminton Federation gave a souvenir to Mr. Murat Özmekik, his Turkish counterpart, and praised the continuous support of the Turkish Badminton Federation for encouraging badminton in TRNC

Photographs shown are courtesy of the TRNC Badminton Federation