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Monty the “People’s Dog” in Bahçeli

Readers Mail
From Sue Steel…

The local ex-pats around Bahçeli and further afield have taken a local dumped dog into their hearts.

Monty, the dog, who now calls TEMPO, near Bahçeli, his home and has been living the bachelor life for more than two years now, but was looking very thin and not very dashing.

Monty the People’s dog

He was being fed and watered by quite a few local ex-pats and even staff from the supermarket and one lady has even built him a substantial kennel area to the rear of the supermarket.

As a street dog Monty’s health has been up and down, but Ivor Moon along with Art Watson managed to get him to Niyazi Çelebi the Vet in Çatalköy for a check-up on in 2016, but more recently Monty was looking very thin, so with some ingenuity Ivor Moon and Carole Harrison got him to the vet again, but the diagnosis was not good.  Monty has Leishmania, but it is controllable with tablets.

In order to co-ordinate Monty’s treatment Ivor and Gill set up a Facebook page called “Monty, The “People’s” Dog” so that people could donate to help fund Monty’s treatment and prevent him being “over treated” and “over fed”.

He needed three weeks Doksisiklin and one year with Allopurinol. He will go back to the vet on Thursday 23rd November, to see if the Doksisiklin has to be continued further. Carole Harrison and Lesley Roper have been giving Monty the Allopurinol in the morning and Ivor Moon has been doing the second treatment in the afternoon, but it has not been plain sailing!

Getting the needed tablets into Monty has been a saga to say the least. They have tried liver, chicken bisto coated tablets, chicken, sausages but I am happy to report that Monty only has a few days to go on this medication, before he once again returns to the vet for his check up.

Monty’s treatment will be ongoing and it would be wonderful if someone thought they could give Monty a forever home.

Check out the Facebook page and if you feel you can contribute to Monty’s treatment then contact either Gill or Ivor Moon via the page.