December 8, 2023

By Margaret Sheard ….

We were invited on Thursday 16th November to the Ministry of Tourism and Environment  by Undersecretary, Prof. Dr. Ismet Esenyel, and having known him for several years we were pleased to have an opportunity of spending some time with him during his busy schedule.

We have known Ismet since the days of his involvement with the refurbishment of Chateau Lambousa through Girne American University (GAU) and have been pleased to note his progress to his now prominent position with the Ministry of Tourism and Environment.

The main reason for the invitation was that Ismet, on behalf of the Ministry, wanted to thank Chris (and myself) for the promotional work on for tourism in North Cyprus and he presented Chris with a lovely framed picture by Feza Aygin Sanıvar which was made with natural materials.

We discussed various ideas as to how we could perhaps help tourism further with promotion of the projects being initiated by the Ministry to encourage people to visit North Cyprus in view of the range of activities which are being made available for this purpose.

We updated Ismet on the progress of the new Cyprus Scene newspaper, to which we are contributing many articles and news, and gave him some back copies for himself and the Minister to show them the concept of publishing a North Cyprus community newspaper.

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  1. Congratulations Chris and Margaret. The award is good recognition of all your hard work over the years.

    1. Thanks Steven for your kind words and its so nice to see a dream you work for come true.

    1. Thank you Ismail for those kind words and our success is also due to contributors like yourself.

  2. You deserve this award Chris an Margaret. You are working tirelessly and your work is appreciated by all Turkish Cypriots at home and abroad.

    1. Thank you for those kind words Pinar

      Since we tried to start a hard newspaper, circumstances beyond our control prevented us from developing this further and since then we have been publishing a weekly online Enewspaper and you can select and read any of the last 53 editions by clicking here

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