Girne old people live in a “second spring”

Girne Municipality continues to work on the “Second Spring Project” which provides services for elderly people and operates within the boundaries of the city. It continues the health, social activities and aid services for the elderly.

The elderly residents gather together at the traditional New Year’s dinner, visits are organized for them to see every corner of the country.  There are also special services on special occasions for the elderly.

In the Second Spring Project, a total of approximately 1,000 people are benefitting.  There are 900 people over 65 years old, 100 people between 60-64 years old and 50 people under 60 years old. Daily monitoring of blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol of the elderly are carried out at home by the staff of the Municipality of Girne every day.

Those who are not financially secure, who receive welfare benefits, and those who are bed-bound are given aid.  Vaccination services are provided to those who cannot leave their homes, and transportation services are offered to the elderly who have to attend the hospital.

Güngördü: Old people are a most precious treasure

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü stated that it is one of the priorities of Girne Municipality of facilitating the life of the elderly and ensuring a more comfortable life, and stated that they continued the health, social activities and aid services within the scope of the Second Spring Project. Güngörgörü emphasized that it is a humane and civic duty to recognise the problems of the elderly, he said, “We must always keep in mind that we all will get old one day”.