December 9, 2023

By Richard Beale………


Sunday November 12th – ko 2-00pm – K-Pet League 1

Venue : Gazimağusa Dr Fazil Küçük Stadium.

On Sunday for the second time Esentepe travel to Famağusta, which I believe for them will be the toughest test of the season so far. The last time we visited Famağusta was last month when we came away with a 1-0 win against Çanakkale.

Dumlupınar (Dum Dum, nickname) were relegated last season from the “Supa League” spending only one season in the top flight. Like many teams before them the top League in the TRNC has proved a tough nut to crack. Two seasons ago it was all champagne and smiles as they were crowned Champions. They had to buy players to compete in the Supa League, but as many teams have discovered money doesn’t always buy success. Many of those players now have left and a number of players who were “loaned out” last season to other clubs have returned.

Esentepe HASAN ÖZÇELIK and Dumlupınar HIKMET ÇELIKEL both on 5 goals.

Dumlupınar got off to a storming start to the season winning their first 4 matches, but some of the wheels have come off of late as they have lost their last 2 matches.

They will be without midfielder Hasan Bahtıkara who misses the match after picking up 4 yellow cards for the season. Dumlupınar had a “spy” camera at Esentepe’s last match against Gornec, Esentepe didn’t play that well in that match so hopefully not too many secrets was revealed.

Esentepe I shall imagine will remain unchanged, but they must show a marked improvement from last week. The Dr Fazil Küçük Stadium is a large ground, with a running track surrounding the pitch. It is a large pitch which may suit some of the Esentepe players style.

Views of the impressive Dr Fazıl Küçük Stadıum.

Past encounters between the Clubs have always produced plenty of goals. Past Results have been :

Season 2011-12 : Dumlupınar 2 Esentepe 2

Season 2012-13 : Dumlupınar 1 Esentepe 0

                              Dumlupınar 1 Esentepe 6 (Relegation play off, played in Iskele)

Season 2013-14 : Dumlupınar 2 Esentepe 2

                             Dumlupınar 2 Esentepe 4 (Promotion play off, played at Değirmenlik.

Season 2014-15 : Dumlupınar 3 Esentepe 4,


The teams when they last met

Season 2015-16 : Dumlupınar 6 Esentepe 3.

A day of Champagne, Balloons, Flags, TV cameras, presentations and a open top tour by bus.

Yes, the last match of the season where Dumlupınar were crowned Champions. Esentepe before the match started gave the Champions a guard of honour.

With nothing to play for except pride, Esentepe Coach Gokan Kim gave youth a fling and fielded the youngest team ever in Esentepe’s history, with an average age of 19.

The Champions didn’t disappoint turning on an exhibition of football. Nor did Esentepe disappoint, the youngsters didn’t let their heads drop and gave a good account of themselves.

Celebratıons and a Guard of Honour

ESENTEPE TEAM : (ages then, in brackets)

Kurşat (gk 16) : Asil Arif (19) ( Hürkan (16) 60 mins), Nersin (28), Tuğrulsan (17), Emek © (28) : Mehmet (18), İlyas (26), Mahmut (20), Burak (25) (Emre Mutlu (15) 60 mins) : Emre Soytürk (16), Emrah (28) (Abdullah (19) 75 mins).

SCORERS : DUMLUPINAR : Adem (31),Coskun (41,45,50), Turgut (52), Ridvan (79).

                     ESENTEPE : Emrah (32), Mehmet (49), Ilyas (72).


                                                     ESENTEPE WLLWDD

Predictions : A draw will be a great result , but sorry team a 0-2 defeat.

GROUND DIRECTIONS : Not far from the Palm Beach hotel. Close to the closed district of Varosha. Look out for the floodlights.

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