Sports Circles Mourn Death Of Tahsın Mertekçi

By Ahmet Abdulaziz………

51 year old Tahsin Mertekçi, lost his life in a road accident in the early hours of 4th November 2017, in the Guzelyurt area. He died on the spot.

Tahsın Mertekçi picture courtesy of Haberal Kibrisli

Tahsin was the President of Yalove Sports Club, and ex-member of the TRNC national assembly.

Born in Yalova village on 15th April 1967, Tahsin worked in the Guzelyurt Municipality during 1987-1988 period. Later on he started his football career, and played for Yalova, Doganci, Hamitkoy and Zumrutkoy football clubs. He served the Yalova sports club as its President during the years 1995-1998. He was elected as member of National Assembly in 1998.

He was well known for his campaign against the tragic road accidents. In the year 2014 he walked from Yeşilirmak to Karpaz to attract everybody’s attention towards the high rise in fatal traffic accidents in TRNC. Unfortunately he himself lost his life in a traffic accident.

His funeral was attended by the President, Prime Minister and other dignitaries of TRNC. He was buried with honour in Yuvacik village. He was married and left behind one daughter.

Tahsın Mertekçi : Rest in Peace