December 6, 2023

Minister of Tourism and Environment, Fikri Ataoğlu, visited Güzelyurt and Lefke following an invitation by local tradesmen.

Minister Ataoglu met with tourists who were visiting the region in the context of tourism, he also met with the representatives of the local tradesmen and non-governmental organizations in the framework of their contacts and exchanged opinions about arranging for tourists to spend more time with the craftsmen. Ataoglu had tea with tourists and chatted.

Guzelyurt Mayor, Mahmut Ozcınar, and Lefke Mayor, Aziz Kaya, met with Minister Ataoglu, stating that the province should be better introduced, the region has a great cultural heritage, and that there should be a well formed promotional network.

“We will be insurance for the Regional Development”

Ataoğlu said that the meetings held by the Ministry of Tourism and the regional civil society organizations had been completed and that  the results report of the workshop organized in July for the development of the region had started to be passed in accordance with the order of priority.

TRNC western region Tourism Vision –  the results of the workshop on Lefke included Cittaslow tourism, culture tourism, faith tourism, eco-agro tourism, third-age tourism, yacht and surf tourism as models for regional tourism in the area.

In connection with Güzelyurt, Ataoğlu stated that a Tourist Information Office had been opened, the existing routes were amended for the tourists to be directed to more bazaars and the area and restoration works relating to the Akdeniz King Tombs Open Air Museum were announced as the site of the region at the same time.  It was important to identify the problems and needs of the region with the regional representatives.

Minister Ataoğlu pointed out that the region did not have the place it deserved in tourism and noted that Güzelyurt and Lefke have a potential to offer alternative types of tourism such as health and sports tourism.

The Minister also emphasized that they insisted on the development of the districts of Güzelyurt and Lefke, bearing in mind that they would try to make the decisions that emerged after the workshop became law.

Ataoğlu said that they are aiming to be able to sell the products of the companies with the investments to be made to the region and to have the opportunity of artisans spending  time with tourists, pointing out that they have the possibility to listen to the complaints of the tradesmen in the framework of their contacts.

Fikri Ataoglu, Minister of Tourism and Environment, expressed that they will continue their collaboration with non-governmental organizations, local governments and artisans in the region, “We want to continue to give every kind of support as a Ministry to promote the legacy of the region that houses valuable works and we want the region to become a recognised tourism centre.

He also emphasized the importance of drawing universities and media outlets to the region regularly and said that they would provide all the contributions from their resources on the projects.

Lefke Mayor, Aziz Kaya, thanked Minister Ataoğlu for his sensitivity to the region and stated his belief that cooperation between everyone would promote the region to better recognition.

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