November 30, 2023

“We exist in Cyprus today and our existence will continue,” Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu stated, following a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Akdağ, in Ankara yesterday (2nd November).

During the meeting, Minister Ertuğruloğlu and the Deputy Prime Minister discussed the Cyprus issue, and the forthcoming elections that are approaching in both the TRNC and South Cyprus. The Minister added that a new process will emerge on the Cyprus issue following the elections on both sides.

The Foreign Minister emphasised that the Turkish Cypriot people need a reprieve from the Greek Cypriot Administration’s policies, which seek to oppress, convict and impose embargos on their neighbours in the North. Ertuğruloğlu said, “At this stage, we intend to turn a new page as soon as possible regarding our domestic policy, and to let go of a foreign policy approach that has failed repeatedly over the last 50 years.”

Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Akdağ stated that the TRNC has great potential for growth and development, and reiterated that Turkey is prepared to lend wide-ranging and substantive support to help the TRNC’s economy flourish. Stating that the TRNC will determine a new roadmap after the elections, Akdağ added, “We will support this process as Turkey. South Cyprus has become the spoilt child of the West. They did wrong. The inappropriate stance of the EU made it even more difficult to reach a final settlement.”

“We have an historic responsibility and right of guarantee that is written into international law. There is no doubt that we will fulfil this responsibility. The Greek Cypriots and everyone who is in partnership with the Greek Cypriots should know this.  They should not attempt to do something wrong.  Both Cyprus as an island and the territorial waters around Cyprus belong to the two communities living on the island. We certainly cannot allow it to be unilaterally owned by the Greek Cypriots. This is our political stance,” the Deputy Prime Minister concluded.

Albayrak: “We will continue seismic exploration in the licensed areas of the TRNC”

In his speech at the 7th International Natural Gas Congress and Fair (INGAS 2017), Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister Berat Albayrak stated that Turkey will undertake its first deep sea drilling in the Mediterranean in 2018, with its first drilling vessel. He added that in the meantime, Turkey will “Continue our seismic work with our two vessels,” and addressed rumours that untapped reserves of natural gas have been discovered by Turkey even before drilling began.

Minister Albayrak continued, “Nobody should think that the Mediterranean Sea is their own sea, their own wealth. Turkey will continue seismic exploration activities either in our exclusive economic zone, in line with international law, or in the licensed areas of the TRNC.”

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  1. Having gone over to the south on the few occasions I hope we never see the Euro in the North, also the North is so beautiful and unspoilt. I just hope the government keep it that way and don’t let it become another built up jungle like so many Mediterranean places.

    They could make the North unique IF they put some serious constructive thought into it. They are starting now with the clean up recommendations, just need to fine all complexes without proper sewerage systems and take down all the old half built buildings everywhere.

    The problem is I don’t think they realise just how with the right infastructure and strict planning that this could be one of the most prosperous holiday destinations in the Med, it’s all here please don’t ruin it!

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