TED Students have a Costume Party

By Engin Dervişağa……..

TED Northern Cyprus College  primary school students had a costume party on Tuesday 31st October and I went along to see my daughter Bade take part in the fun and games.

Bade goes to the party

The students took part in lots of different activities with games and also face painting which they just loved. They were also able to buy key rings, bracelets and as any parent knows, children just love to have their trinkets.  There was also plenty of food and drink available to keep their energy up.

The students’ costumes were very imaginative and colourful and had a wide variety of styles ranging from spooky witches and vampires to spiderman.

The children had a great time at their costume party and after it was all over, we took them home so they could sleep soundly in their beds this evening and perhaps have happy dreams of their school’s fun and adventure and playing together.

TED Northern Cyprus College  primary school students costume party