Halloween Kids at Bellapais Abbey

By Margaret Sheard …..

There was a special event on Saturday 28th October, when there was a special costume party for children in the Crypt at Bellapais Abbey.

This wonderful small event, was prior to the Ateş and Diva show “Music on Fire” which was for the benefit of the Kemal Saraçoğlu Foundation for Leukemia Children and Cancer War, and also A Clean Cyprus. There were children with leukemia invited which is why the event was held in a more protected area due to weather conditions etc.

The children’s party was held in the crypt at the Abbey from 6pm to 8pm and was organised by Svetlana Turgut of Arlekino Cyprus who, with her band of helpers, had decorated the walls of the two rooms with spiders, cobwebs, posters etc.  Tables had been placed along the whole length of one of the rooms which was laid with a vast amount of food, pastries, sigaras, cup cakes, many other types of cakes for the children to enjoy.

The children were extremely excited and being egged on by a lady dressed as (I think)  the Bride of Frankenstein who was giving them commands with the aid of a microphone.   Balloons were flying about everywhere as the children played impromptu football.  Some parents had braved entering the crypt to watch the goings on, not many I might add as it was extremely noisy.

I spotted one small girl being turned into a “Mummy” with the help of a few toilet rolls, most of which ended up on the floor later.  It seems there was a competition for the best Mummy so many of the children were then wrapping each other in toilet paper to represent bandages.   I imagine there was a lot of clearing up to do after the event.

There were some brilliant costumes and the face paint must have taken hours to apply, but it was very effective.  As well as children, there were teenagers and adults who joined in and dressed for the occasion.   Maybe some of them were parents, or teachers, it was hard to recognise anyone with their costumes and exceptional face painting.

A lot of effort had been put into this Halloween event and the children looked as if they were really enjoying it and what a wonderful opportunity to be allowed to dress up and use face paint to its extreme.

Demetra George Mustafaoglu’s wonderful show Ateş and Diva “Music on Fire” followed the children’s party and Demetra has commented:-

Give credit where credit is due – Arlekino Cyprus produced this event for the children in aid of the Kemal Saracoglu Foundation for leukemia children and Cancer War. Congratulations to Svetlana Turgut, the team and the great staff of the Kemal Saracoglu Foundation.

The Ateş and Diva show was co-produced by Hatice Salih Kerimgil and Ece Sualp. Hugs from Demetra of Ateş and Diva.