North Cyprus Bodybuilding Warriors!

Girne Mayor Nidai Gungordu welcomed world class fitness championship winner Emre Ozkaram, who also won the title of under 23 age group Turkish bodybuilding championship. Alongside him was Cevat Yildiz, who was placed 3rd in the European bodybuilding championships held in London. Both men, who were born and raised in Girne, were hosted by the mayor, who offered words of encouragement, pride and support.

Gungordu: Our Sportsmen are promoting Girne!

Cevat Yildiz

In a speech given by Gungordu, the Mayor stated that both sportsmen and women should take an active role in encouraging youth to refrain from a bad lifestyle, while incorporating healthy lifestyle and exercise as a regular part of life, while engaging and supporting all types of sports. The mayor pointed out, however unfortunate as it may be that Turkish Cypriots youth do not enjoy the equality of joining the platform within the international sporting arena, that our youth should not be deterred, and should reach out to international platforms.

The success gained by Mr Yildiz and Mr Ozkaram, is an example for all youth. Ozkaram first sought his opportunities in Turkey. Gungordu ended the meeting with a celebratory ceremony where both athletes were presented with awards for their current success.

The Mayor wishes Mr Ozkaram success in the upcoming World Championship event, being held in Romania. A sentiment echoed by all in North Cyprus.

Emre Ozkaram