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Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch : old British £1 coins

By Margaret Sheard …..

The new shiny British £1 coin was launched on 28th March 2017 to replace the old round coin and on 15th October 2017 the old round coin ceased to be legal tender.  

It seems there are still thousands of the old coins in circulation which will no longer be accepted in shops and supermarkets and some coin operated machines and can only be traded in at local banks and building societies in the UK.

It is likely that expatriates in Northern Cyprus may still be holding some of the old coins and the Royal British Legion, Kyrenia Branch have said they will accept old British Pound coins to boost the Poppy Appeal.  The Kyrenia Branch has an arrangement in place to transfer any old £1 coins to the fund.

RBL ask all expats have a good look in their handbags, drawers and behind the sofa for any old £1 coins and pop them into their nearest Poppy Appeal collection box – or why not go down to the Girne Belediyesi office on Thursday 26th October or Thursday 2nd November between 11am – 3pm and give your old coins to the Poppy Girls.

A brilliant idea to boost the Poppy Appeal funds and utilise those now obsolete coins.