Keep Cyprus Clean (Kibris’i Temiz Tut) : Together we can do it

Keep Cyprus Clean (Kibris’i Temiz Tut) : Together we can do it

By Margaret Sheard ….. 

We were invited to attend a meeting at The Grapevine in Girne, organised by Oya Kutsal which was attended by people who are passionate about clearing this beautiful island of litter and rubbish, members of the media were also present.

The meeting was chaired by Talat Kűrşat who said he is so ashamed of his homeland with the vast amount of litter everywhere and he called on those present and their colleagues to help him to make a start on making the island a place of which to be proud.

How to do this and where to start?  Talat suggested that the parents of children be requested to sign an undertaking that both they and their children will act responsibly and not create litter.  At secondary school and university ages, the children/young people could be requested to sign an undertaking themselves.   Also residents and visitors to the island could also be requested to sign an undertaking/affidavit to this effect. Talat felt that with TRNC elections in January 2018, this would be a good opportunity of making the case to candidates when they are visiting local areas during their election campaign.

There were many comments from the people present which led to other aspects of the litter problem, i.e. builders depositing rubble, concrete and other materials.

It was generally agreed that the problem needs to be approached initially through the children with various educational projects at the schools.  Oya Kutsal is now the Kyrenia Project Manager of the Think Clean project by the TRNC Presidency led by First Lady Meral Akinci and Oya will be starting a “Clean Streets” project in Kyrenia. It will start with a pilot street and then all citizens will be encouraged to do the same in their streets. The aim is to increase sensitivity and in time the clean street project will be made into a cleanest street competition.  It is intended to make a video which can be shown to children to make them aware of the problem and in turn it is hoped they can perhaps also educate their parents.

There was much discussion about litter and how it affects tourism etc.  Many people come to North Cyprus as a tourist destination, but do they come back?   Comments were made of personal knowledge of holidaymakers saying they would not return because the country was so “dirty”.

Another comment was that there has to be punishment, perhaps by imposing very heavy fines on people where it is proved they have been guilty of depositing litter.    This again has to be shown by proof of the actual act and could be very difficult to establish.

It is a major problem but something has to be done and it has to start now.   Everyone can help in some way – educating their own children, recycling their household waste, being responsible for their own rubbish when enjoying picnics etc.  Take it home, don’t leave it where you were picnicking, or use the bins provided on these sites.

Just a little thought by all of the people living on this island can make it beautiful again.

Keep Cyprus Clean (Kibris’i Temiz Tut) : Together we can do it


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  1. Wonderful, the development makes me happy. I spoke to Nermin Anil about it some weeks ago…

    • Thank you for your support and do tell all of your friends about this initiative to make North Cyprus Clean again