December 8, 2023

Readers’ Mail
From Jayne Matter Tulips Ex Pat Cancer Support Worker (and Norman’s friend)

Hello all

A little over 5 weeks ago, a group of friends got together to talk about organising a memorial for our dear friend, Norman, who had just passed away from Cancer. An idea was born, a “Survivor” type challenge to take place over 2 days in the Besparmak mountains.

This group of people, with very little fundraising experience and in a very short space of time, this past weekend, raised 5,183.75 TL for Tulips/KHYD.

The challenge started on Saturday morning with a 10 km hike up through the Besparmak mountains to the campsite at the Fourth Castle. On the way these 55 competitors, who were all in teams of between 2-6, had to collect and save various items, all to do with wild life and nature. Points were awarded for each item collected and the team who accumulated most points would be declared the winners.

Setting up camp

The group camped overnight and enjoyed BBQ food around the campfire, accompanied by one of the competitors on his guitar. The 3 first aiders walking with the group also gave a first aid demonstration to everyone present and in particular, the 19 children.

Enjoyed BBQ food around the campfire

On Sunday morning, the group started the 10 km hike downhill back to Oak Tree Park, Alsancak, the start and finish point. The Mayor of Alsancak, Firat Atasar, kindly came along to present the prizes. Trophies were awarded for first, second and third places. All the children who competed were given medals.

Trophies were awarded for first, second and third places

We would like to thank everyone who came along and supported the event. The money was raised through entry fee for the event, a raffle, a silent auction,a cake stall, a handmade soap stall and the sale of t shirts and other Tulips items such as key rings and bracelets.

We would especially like to thank our sponsors, Mayor Firat Atasar and Alsancak Belediye, Mrs Don Smith from Perth, Scotland, Fevzi Aricilar, Fasdat Food Distribution and Ufuk (Tony) Taskira from Tiga Trading.

We would also like to thank our first aid team of Adem, Phil and Brian and also Mustafa and Sameira from Cyprus Outdoor Shop who helped the competitors along the way. Last but not least, our grateful thanks go to Cagan and Wendy from Oak Tree Park in Alsancak, for hosting the event.

Kind regards
Jayne Matter
Tulips Ex Pat Cancer Support Worker (and Norman’s friend)

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