Art and Culture

Girne Municipality to host the 16th Olive Festival

The 16th Olive Festival in Zeytinlik, organized by Girne Municipality, will be held between October 6-10.

Girne Municipality held a press conference for the 16th Olive Festival to be held between 6-10 October. Municipality Councillors, Municipal Councillor Ali Tektan, Burcu Başay Karakaya, Zeytinlik Mukhtar Vice President Ahmet Esenboğa, Turkish Cypriot Cartoonist Association Chairman Musa Kayra and municipal employees participated in the meeting. The festival program was announced at the meeting.

Güngördü:  We have added an historic building in the city

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü gave information to the participants about the old transformer building which was hosting the press conference and had been converted into an art gallery by the Municipality. Nidai Güngördü expressed his belief that the gallery will make a significant contribution to the change of the face of the Beycanlar district by expressing the great pleasure of bringing the city life and sanctity to the historic building, which was thought to be in danger of being destroyed by car parking.

Özdemir Erdogan will give concert

Nidai Güngördü stated that they have had the pleasure of fulfilling 15 of the olive festivals that they organize for the purpose of touristic promotion of Girne besides olives and by-products and stated that it is the International Olive Caricatures Contest where 6 of the most important events of the festival are held.

Nidai Güngördü gave information about the festival program by expressing awareness about the protection of the trees by organizing seminars within the scope of the festival. Güngördü stated that the participants of the International Olive Cartoon Contest and guests from Bingen, Germany will be participating in the festival this year and the finale will be performed with Özdemir Erdoğan’s concert as part of the festival where various cultural, artistic and sports events will take place.

Kayra: Festival culture is going to the future

Musa Kayra, President of the Turkish Cypriot Turkish Cartoonists Association, is pleased to be a member of the International Olive Cartoon Competition, which has become a brand in the world cartoon genre as part of the olive festival. Musa Kayra added that the Olive Festival is an important event to bring the Cypriot culture to the future,  and congratulated the Kyrenia Municipality for the art gallery it has created.

Festival Program

The 16th Girne Olive Festival will begin with a cortege march from Ramadan Cemil Square to Atatürk Square on Friday, October 6 at 17:30. At 19:00 at the Zeytinlik Village Festival Area, opening speeches will be made, incense burned and stands will be visited. Italy Slience Theater show and Girne Municipality Folk Dance Ensemble will be followed by the Group Otantik and SOS concert.

Saturday, October 7

Award Winning Billiards Tournament at 17:00, Applied Cartoon Workshop at 18:00, Winzertanzgruppe Bingen am Rhein dance show in front of Kordonboyu Atatürk Bust at 18:00, Italy Slience Theater show at 18:30, Friends Line Dance Show at 19.00, Folk Arts Foundation Dance Show at 19:15, Nicosia Municipal Latin Orchestra Concert at 19:30, Winzertanz gruppe Bingen am Rhein Dance Show at 20:45 and Group Summit Concert at 21.00.

Sunday, October 8th

Children and Youth Activities at 15:00 to 17:00, Zeytinli, Zeytinyağlılar Food Competition at 15:30, Girne Municipality “Olive” Tennis Tournament Final Competitions, Award-winning Pool Tournament at 17:00, Municipality Folk Dance Group Küçükler Grubu Show Girne at 18:00. Announcement of the Results of the Olive and Olive Oil Cooking Competition at 18:30, Olive Cartoon Competition Award Ceremony at 18.45,  Gaul Stangle School Dance Show at 19:00, Winzertanzgruppe Bingen am Rhein Dance show from Germany at 19.15, Yağmur Özerem & Band Concert at 19:30, Delegation of Northern Cyprus Filipino Community at 20:45, Grup Arabent concert at 21.00.

Monday October 9th 

Seminar on Olives at 18.00, Concert at 19:00

Group Gramophone concert, Poetry Concert in memory of Ali Nesim at 20:00, Çatalköy Municipality Folk Dance Ensemble show at 20:45 and Pelin & Killer Champagne Group concert at 21.00.