Kathy Martin’s weight loss journey with Davut Öksüzer

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By Kathy Martin…

This is a life-long journey! It started just after I was born in Winchester in May 1953 and went with my mother on a ship to join my father in the Gold Coast, West Africa.

Unfortunately, my mother, who was breast feeding me, got malaria, and had to start giving me Cow & Gate milk. She admitted to me that she had no one to ask and ended up giving me the incorrect dosage…consequently, well this is what I believe, the fat cells were laid down on top of those I inherited from my genes! I am certain that scientists will probably “poo-poo” this theory of mine, but I have always believed it!

Fat baby, chubby toddler

I was a fat baby, chubby toddler, overweight adolescent and suffered awful “teasing” aka bullying at school! I found it very difficult to make friends at school, so have not kept in touch with any of them!

Avis girl in Bulawayo               Married Alistair

After I trained as Nursery Nurse, took myself to Rhodesia and despite my belief that no one would ever be interested in such a fat person, found Alistair – who always said that he loved what was between my ears i.e. my brain, rather than if I was fat or not! Looking at photos, I believe that Twiggy had a lot to answer for! Because I didn’t see myself as a stick-like figure, I was soooooooooo fat (in my head)!

After we returned to the UK in August 1978, I steadily got fatter until I went to the doctor in 1980 and was prescribed “Ponderax” slimming tablets (now discontinued as unsafe). They were basically “Speed” and I was hyperactive, hardly ate anything and fooled Alistair into thinking I was eating when he was at work etc! The upshot was me having a nervous breakdown in June 1981. When I was admitted to hospital I weighed just under 7 stone! Promised Alistair no more dieting for me and I would be happy with whatever I weighed!

This lasted until one day in the late 90s, found to my horror I weighed just over 17 stone and was having to wear size 26 clothes…rapidly joined Weight Watchers and successfully lost 7 stone 1 pound to attain a goal weight of 10 stone! Became a Weight Watchers’ leader and thoroughly enjoyed helping other overweight ladies and men achieve their own goals!


2006 we moved here to The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and I lost the urge to be slim! Enjoyed beer, curries etc and in no time had reverted to a fat lady!

Summer 2016 I had my enormous breasts removed – one of the best decisions of my life!

For many years I have been feeling very uncomfortable with my enormous breasts, always laughing off comments, whilst they hurt very deeply! But I had a dream!!! To read here is the link Click here

This is my latest blog, my operation towards helping one of my dreams come true – part two. To read here is the link Click here

One of the shocking things was discovering that I weighed about 120kg (19 stone) – so decided to try to lose weight by amending my eating.

1st February 2017 I had a bad fall and ended up in the Kamiloğlu hospital for two months. The doctors were very helpful, including sorting out my water retention! After the operation on my back, to put two screws on the 2nd vertebrae, Dr Sevil recommended that I go and see Davut Öksüzer! To read here is the link Click here

13th April 2017 weighed in with Davut at 104.8kg, about 16 stone 4lbs. From the very first meeting I was determined to succeed!

Me and Davut lost almost two stone – 12kg in two months 8-6-17

Here I am almost 6 months on…Since I started with Davut, 24 weeks ago I have lost a fantastic 26.4kg (just over 4 stone).

If anyone has any doubts if his diet regime works, I am living proof that with determination (and the will to succeed and not cheat, because the only person you are cheating is you) you too can lose weight!

Kathy and Carol Williamson 30-9-17

Thanks to Davut, I will continue to a healthy weight!

To contact Davut Öksüzer please either call the Kamiloğlu hospital 0392 815 3282

Or email