Rafters Restaurant birthday celebration for Peter Toms

By Margaret Sheard ……

Peter Toms celebrated his 73rd birthday on 28th September and the following evening there was a birthday celebration at Rafters Restaurant in Ozankoy which was attended by some 34 friends.

Rafters had many other people dining that evening so the outside area was full to capacity with Abbas and his staff working at full throttle.  They did marvellously and everyone was served with food and drinks with no problem.

There was special entertainment by Katie B who soon had people up and dancing in the now quite limited space due to the number of tables.   This didn’t deter the dancers though and for the rest of the evening, even in between courses, they were up on the dance floor.   There were a few special songs for Peter and Wendy who never miss a chance to get up and dance and it looked as if Peter was really enjoying his birthday bash.

We all enjoyed our choices from the menu and a vote of thanks should be given to the chef and his staff who managed to produce excellent quality meals for a huge number of people that night.  Rafters is always a popular venue, especially on entertainment nights, so they are probably used to working under pressure.

Later in the evening, not one, but two cakes arrived, complete with candles, for the “birthday boy” and these were then cut and distributed to the guests.  My slice was delicious but sadly I had eaten far too much and couldn’t quite finish it.

It was a great evening, and we chatted with people we hadn’t met before, which was nice.   There were of course some of the familiar faces as well.    I am sure everyone enjoyed the evening and at the end when Katie had finished, Peter thanked her for her great music, and Wendy for arranging the party, also Abbas and his staff for making it a brilliant evening.

To see what a great party it was take a look at the video below, courtesy of Abbas at Rafters (with a little additional editing by Chris Elliott!).

We look forward to birthday 74 Peter!  hopefully at Rafters.


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  1. Thank you both for coming and helping to make my birthday party a super night and thank you for your great editorial skills and video flair fondest wishes Wendy and Peter.

    • Thank you Peter and Wendy for your very kind words and we do like to go the extra mile where we can to to make our publication of news that little bit special.

      Looking forward to the 74th Birthday Bash 🙂 🙂