December 9, 2023

Readers mail……

Oya Kutsal …..

The TRNC Director of Environment Protection Department,  Abdullah Aktolgalı and the Director of Girne Environment Department, Savas Namsoy organized a seashore cleaning event on Thursday 24th August 2017 at Kaşgar, Girne.

Kasgar seashore cleaning by Girne Police – Pictures courtesy of Abdullah Aktolgalı

GAL (Girne Anafartalar Lycee) Youth Initiative and the workers of the new hotel being built in Kaşgar helped to clear the seashore of rubbish, plus Ali Adalıer, the Chief of Girne Police Department arranged for some of his diving team to help by lifting rubbish from the seabed where possible. We were also delighted that the owner of a boat volunteered to help by bringing the rubbish lifted by the divers ashore.

The good news is an Environment Volunteers group will be formed soon in conjunction with the Environment Protection Department, and local citizens or expatriates who would like to be considered for registration, can do so be sending their introduction details through the contact box below.

Kasgar seashore cleaning by volunteers – Pictures courtesy of Abdullah Aktolgalı

These Environment Volunteers will be registered with the TRNC Environment Protection Department and as volunteers, they will be empowered to send reports of rubbish dumping that they have seen to the Environment Protection Department who will then warn the culprits in the community for a period up to three months and after that they will be punished financially if they repeat the dumping of rubbish or garbage.

I would also like to tell our readers that the ALO 123 Environment Protection Department help line is now manned during the working day for those who wish to report the dumping of rubbish and garbage. After working hours a message may be recorded.

Thank you  

Oya Kutsal

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