Cyprus Eye Clinic – eye surgery continues

By Margaret Sheard …..

Following cataract surgery on my left eye on 15th May, some seven weeks later after a long period of eye drops every day and a trip to the UK, everything is fine and my vision is so much better in the treated eye so now time to go through the same procedure again for my right eye.

On several occasions during the last 7 weeks I have returned to the Eye Clinic so that the Ophthalmologist – Dr Hatice Arodezli Soydemir, could monitor how things were going and on the last visit arrangements were made for the surgery on my other eye to be done on Tuesday 4th July.  Although I was a bit apprehensive when attending for the first surgery, I had no worries this time as I knew it would be carried out in the same efficient manner.   Of course I now have to go through the long process of eye drops again, but it is great to know that in a few weeks time I will have near perfect eyesight with possibly only spectacles for reading small print and night driving.   That will be for Hatice to decide when all is done and dusted but she has been so considerate in her treatment to try and give me a virtually “spectacle free” everyday life for the future.

I had thought about having an interlude after the eye drops had finished for the first eye surgery but learned that Hatice’s nurse, Madde Hunter, had to undergo medical surgery herself and as Hatice is much happier with her presence when carrying out eye surgery, I decided ok probably better sooner rather than later.

On Tuesday 4th July, I went along to the Cyprus Eye Clinic to now get my right eye sorted out.

Hatice was extremely busy with surgery for a number of people and when it was time for my surgery I went down to the clinic where the surgery is carried out, which thankfully was very cool, compared to the blazing heat outside, so it was very comfortable. The procedure was the same as for the other eye and arrangements were made for me to visit the following day to have the eye covering removed and check the eye.

On Wednesday 5th July, I went to the Eye Clinic and Hatice confirmed that all was well and I then made a visit to the pharmacy to purchase the eye drops which will now continue for a few weeks with a further check on 24th July to see how things are progressing.

During this visit I was given a reducing schedule for the frequency of eye drops and when this was all completed I would need to make another visit to see what spectacles I would need.

I returned to the Eye Clinic on 15th August, having completed all of the eye drops, had further tests which Hatice confirmed were perfect and she gave me a prescription for spectacles for reading (when I feel it necessary) and night driving, which is all I will now need.  There will be one further check-up in 6 months time.

In the space of 3 months I have had surgery on both eyes and now have very good vision, so I am very pleased I decided to go ahead with this and my future will now be with good clear and bright vision.  I organised my new spectacles with a local company, the lenses are prepared in Turkey, and within 5 days (including the weekend) I received a telephone call to say my 2 pairs of spectacles were ready.  I was lucky as the normal processing time is 10-14 days. I have now collected them, so all is now finished and complete.

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