December 9, 2023

Readers mail………

Tony Ali shared with us the link to a petition started by Ahmet Basturk on 2nd June 2017 to the Department of Transport UK which has had 4,923 signatures and after a further 77 signatures are added, it will be forward to the UK Department of Transport.


 If you wish to add your signature please read the full article and click on the link below:

 “Earlier this month, the UK Department for Transport requested Pegasus Airlines to add a securıty re-screening for passengers and their baggage during the stopovers in Turkey for the flights between London and Ercan Airport. These flights were prior conducted by simply touching down in Turkey, the passengers remaining on board the plane and taking off again on the same aircraft after changing the flight number. With the policy change, passengers will be forced to disembark in Turkey, go through security a second time, and re-board either the same or different aircraft.”

To read the full article please click here.


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