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No 10 Downing Street replies to my letter regarding TRNC

Reader’s mail……..

I recently wrote a letter to UK Prime Minister, Teresa May and Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson requesting them to consider lifting the embargoes and other unfair treatment on the Turkish Cypriots and the TRNC as they could be considered to be new trading partners when the UK Brexits and yesterday , 10th August, I was delighted to receive a reply as follows.

This letter sent to No 10 Downing Street was published on cyprusscene and can be read by clicking here.


Dear Mr Chamberlain

Thank you for contacting the Prime Minister.

Mrs May very much appreciates the time you have taken to write to her.

As the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for Exiting the European Union have responsibility for the matters you raise, I am forwarding your letter to them so that they may reply to you directly.

Thank you, once again, for writing.


I think this is an excellent start in creating some form of dialogue with the United Kingdom for the Turkish Cypriots and Northern Cyprus and I will keep our readers updated when I receive a further reply.

Richard Chamberlain


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  1. On the basis of no action as guarantor I remain sceptical that they will do anything – shame on UK government

  2. Trouble is that North Cyprus seems to be little more than a bargaining chip in the greater scheme of global things. Does anyone really care, so long as “The West” retains military bases in South Cyprus. Possibly even Turkey would now oppose direct flights. The No 10 language strikes me as being typical political side stepping. Who gains anything from direct trade and flights to the UK except North Cyprus and its people? Maybe we offer free citrus fruits and veg, but Turkey would not like that. Theresa May is fighting for her own political life right now, so I expect is somewhat pre-occupied

  3. I hope that justice prevails and that the North of Cyprus get a date deal,it has been far to long for the people not to be recognised on the Island.

  4. Well done Richard, hope you get a response from Commonwealth and Foreign Office. It doesn’t make any sense why the embargo even exists.

    In the paper today there was an article saying GC in the uk are trying to stop North Cyprus advertising on the Mail online and in the Telegraph.

    Maybe there is a need to remind the British tourist who spend their money in the south just who the Eoka were attacking in the beginning