President Akinci met with Cyprus photographer, Richard Chamberlain

President Mustafa Akinci met with Richard Chamberlain the ex-national serviceman who became well-known for taking many photographs of Cyprus when he was stationed in Famagusta during the Cyprus Emergency during 1954 to 1955.

Richard Chamberlain presented to President Akinci a copy of his colour and black and white photographic book “CYPRUS SCENES AND WAY OF LIFE IN 1954/55 and sixty years later in 2014” plus a beautiful framed picture of Kyrenia harbour which he had photographed since he came to live in Northern Cyprus.

President Akinci was also presented with a copy of the cyprusscene.com article which featured the letter that Richard Chamberlain had recently sent to UK Prime Minister Teresa May and Foreign Minister Boris Johnson in which he called upon them, with Brexit taking place, to take the initiative to rectify the unjust treatment on the Turkish Cypriots and the TRNC that the United Kingdom has continued to support since 1974.