1st August message from Tourism Minister, Fikri Ataoğlu

“The Turkish Cypriot people are looking at the future with confidence”

In the 1st August message, the Tourism and Environment Minister, Fikri Ataoğlu, spoke of the 446th anniversary of the Ottoman conquest of Cyprus, the 59th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Resistance Organization and the 41st anniversary of the Security Forces Command.

Ataoğlu emphasized in his message that the Turkish Cypriot people, while proud of the honorable struggle they gave in spite of all the difficulties they had in the past, looked at the future with confidence.

Ataoglu said that the 1st August Social Resistance Holiday was the result of the struggles initiated by the Turkish Cypriot people in this land for freedom, equality, security and happiness.

Ataoglu also asked Turkish Cypriots not to forget that they have come to these days through very difficult conditions, “We must continue to work without losing our social unity and coexistence. I believe that by working together and increasing our solidarity, we will have even better days “.


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  1. Fikri Ataoglu is the Minister responsible for tourism but as far as I can see, nowhere in his speech is the word “tourism” mentioned! He talks about the past – we’ve heard it all before – he talks about the “confidence” of the Turkish Cypriot people – but in what?
    Tourism, of varying kinds, is the lifeblood of this country. He does not mention what his Ministry will be doing to boost tourism. He does not mention what new initiatives will be undertaken. He does not mention what his Ministry and the Government will be doing to gain permission for direct flights. He does not mention a tourism marketing plan and the potential areas for new niche tourism opportunities that they will be exploiting.
    Surely his August 1st speech, apparently deemed to be so important, should be boosting the future confidence of the populous, by stating the increases in the economy from tourism, the increases in jobs from tourism, the creation of new industries as a result of tourism and the improvement of the environment through funds generated by tourism!
    Wake up Mr Minister. Wake up The Government. Time to be more pro-active instead of talking about the past!

    • Hello Peter.

      Thank you for your comment but you seem to be criticizing the TRNC Minister of Tourism and basing your views on the lack of information given in this press statement.

      If you had been following other posting on cyprusscene you will have seen the current Minister of Tourism and his team have been very active promoting the TRNC at trade shows around the world and doing what they can within the constraints placed upon the.

      If you wish to make a complaint, perhaps you should do as Richard Chamberlain did, and that is to write to PM Teresa May and FM Boris Johnson demanding justice for the TRNC within which you have chosen to live and that would be a very supportive.

      Letter from Cyprus to PM May and FM Johnson demanding help for Northern Cyprus