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Nitovikla Garden Hotel – Cypriot Cuisine and Cultural Learning Project

Nitovikla Garden Hotel – Cypriot Cuisine and Cultural Learning Project

Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoglu congratulated the owner of Eco-Agro Nitovikla Garden Hotel, Zekai Altan and his team.

Zekai Altan informed the Minister about their activities and said that they are proud of creating a first with their own possibilities and that in 2013, with the promotion and encouragement of the Honorary President of the Primary School of Mormenekşe and the Peace Hoca, the Cypriot Cuisine and Cultural Learning Project started with 60 students.

Altan stated that they provided significant contribution to the students with the Cyprus Cuisine and Cultural Learning Project which was implemented with the cooperation of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Environment, KTOES, teachers, parents and businesses. For the Primary school, year 4 Altan noted that the project covered Cypriot Cuisine, Handicrafts and Environment  and for Year 5 this was also included with the subjects of the Social Studies textbook.

He said he believed that the interest of local and foreign media in the project would make a significant contribution to the continuation of the project.

Fikri Ataoglu, Minister of Tourism and Environment said “As of May, the Ministry continued to increase the contribution made to this project in a sensitive manner, expressing satisfaction with the increase in participation by 31%.  This is a very significant increase. This project is also very important from an economic point of view. In a sense, we have also created our economy. There is no need to have a large budget. Everybody is winning. The most important contribution is the practical training provided to our students”. Ataoğlu also continued to say “we will continue to give support as the Ministry of Tourism and Environment”.  In addition to this, Ataoğlu continues to contribute to the students:  transportation sector, all food and beverage sellers used in the menu, presentation of Mehmetcik Municipality and the region and the introduction of the Karpaz Olive Oil Plant.  There is great pride in this service.

Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoglu said “the contribution to transportation to the project will continue in absolute terms and the necessary development will be done. We are very happy to express that the support of KTOES will continue to be developed with the same sensitivity and wishes to all employees on behalf of our culture and students”.  He also wished to continue his work in this field by thanking the project volunteer Zekai Altan for his pleasant visits and gifts.

In the project implemented within 2014-2015 academic year;  from 8 primary schools there were 630 students and 49 teachers.  In the 2016 academic year (March to May) there were 1,343 students and 105 teachers from 23 primary schools and in the 2016-2017 academic year there have been 2,500 students and 225 teachers from 24 primary schools.

Ataoglu concluded by saying “The project is a first. There is creativity and sustainability. There is self-sacrifice, labour and seriousness. It breaks down the crime of hatred and enables the implementation of Cyprus cultures to continue. In addition to supporting the project, our efforts and support for the development will continue”.

Editor’s Note

In March 2017, during an impromptu visit to the Nitovikla Garden Hotel with our German friends, Chris and Fred, we were delighted to find a group of students from Atleks Sanverler Orta Okulu in Nicosia, who had been enjoying a couple of days with the Cypriot Cuisine and Cultural Learning Project and we were invited to join in with presenting certificates to the students.  We felt very honoured.  To see this article, click here