Holman Hall : A summer’s night party in North Cyprus

By Margaret Sheard ……

The Holman’s certainly know how to throw a good party and Saturday 17th June was no exception when Nigel and Lynn opened their beautiful house in Girne’s Old Turkish Quarter for 100 guests to attend a “blow job party”.   We were a little apprehensive about the theme but it seems it was blowing up balloons and painting faces on them, but unfortunately the balloons were not good and so as an alternative the guests were given refuse sacks to blow up and a prize given for the best as you can read in Nigel’s comment below:

“The annual event opened with both English and Turkish Cypriot revellers competing in 10 random teams. Lynn and I had bought giant balloons for the game from a street vendor in India a few months earlier, but opening the packets the night before discovered they had only a 3 large balloons which had perished and the rest were tiny.  Improvisation was needed, so instead huge garden plastic sacks were inflated and pretty faces drawn on them by the competitors, to win the prizes of two bottles of Champagne”.

Largest Plastic Bag winning team, from left to right: Ian Fell, Susanne Machlaoui, Hale Silifkeli, Colin Jefferies, Meralynn Barratt (receiving the Champagne prize) Hazel Smith, Nigel Holman (presenting the prize), Pertev, Kristina Pirou

Being a hot summer’s night most people were seated in the garden and terrace area and we wandered around seeing many of the familiar faces who are always present at the Holman Hall events and we were able to have a chat with some of them.  There is always a lovely meal organised and the helpers were busy getting everything ready, the bar was also very busy with large quantities of ice to quench thirsty palates. Later everyone lined up to help themselves to the wonderful curries, salad, rice etc. and settled down to enjoy it.  The delicious Filipino food was prepared by Gloria Garcia.

Later on, as we were about to leave, there seemed to be something happening when some of the guests were lining up at a staircase leading downwards, so we joined them and descending the stairs we entered a small room which was in darkness and then were treated to a wartime drama of a plane calling Mayday and crashing. When the lights came on there was the front of a plane jutting out from a wall with smoke billowing, and a skeleton at the other end of the bar asking for a drink.  This was very entertaining and obviously a lot of work has gone into it.

It was a hot and humid evening but this did not stop Lynn and some of the more energetic guests from getting up to dance and the night continued with dancing and drinking until the early hours.

Another lovely evening spent with Nigel and Lynn Holman at their lovely home in Girne.