December 6, 2023

Turkish Foreign Ministry: UN Secretary-General’s remarks  “distorted by the Greek Cypriot side before the ink is dry”

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has stated that the distortion of the remarks made by the UN Secretary General following his meeting in New York on the 4th of June with President Mustafa Akıncı and Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades clearly demonstrate the Greek Cypriot side’s lack of sincerity and absence of political will for a settlement.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry’s statement pointed out that Turkey is ready to reconvene the Geneva Cyprus Conference of 12th January 2017 without preconditions, and also determined to reach a just, lasting and comprehensive solution to the Cyprus issue. The remarks made by the UN Secretary-General following his meeting with the two leaders was considered to be a step towards the conclusion of the process.

The statement made by the Turkish Foreign Ministry is as follows,

“As also underlined by H.E. Mr. Mustafa Akıncı, President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, upon his return to the Island, the Secretary-General’s remarks reflect the understanding that there is a need to reconvene the Conference on Cyprus in the month of June without any preconditions. In fact, particular emphasis is placed on the Secretary-General’s remarks on the principles that ‘all issues will be discussed interdependently’ and that ‘nothing is agreed until everything is agreed’, through a direct reference to the Leaders’ Joint Declaration of 11th of February 2014.

This being the case, the fact that the contents of the UN Secretary-General’s remarks have begun to be distorted by the Greek Cypriot side before the ink is even dry, and claims are being made that the preconditions put forth by the Greek Cypriot leader have been accepted, clearly demonstrate yet again the Greek Cypriot side’s lack of sincerity and the absence of political will for a settlement. That the contents of these remarks, which conveyed to the public the agreement reached during the Leaders’ meeting with the UN Secretary-General, have been distorted and misinterpreted by the Greek Cypriot side so as to serve their domestic policy interests, only reinforces doubts over the Greek Cypriot side’s intention to establish a new partnership with the Turkish Cypriot side on the basis of political equality.

If the aim of reconvening the Conference on Cyprus is to make use of this final opportunity to reach a comprehensive settlement and successfully conclude the negotiation process that has been continuing on the Island for over two years, then all the participants must adopt the constructive attitude displayed by Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot side, reflecting the sincere will for a settlement”

The 41st TRNC International Fair opens tomorrow 9th June

The 41st TRNC International Fair will open tomorrow 9th June. The opening ceremony of the fair, which will take place at Atatürk Cultural Park Fair Area, will be conducted by President Mustafa Akıncı. The fair, organised by the Ministry of Economy and Energy, will last until 18 June.

Stands of the TRNC and Turkish Republic will be included in the fair, where exhibitors will show their products in an area of 3,000 square meters indoors, and 6,000 square meters outdoors. Among the exhibitors at the TRNC stand will be 62 industrialist-manufacturers and 54 importing organisations serving in different sectors . A total of 120 companies, institutions and organizations will also participate in the fair.

Concert pianist Rüya Taner plays in Helsinki

Turkish Cypriot concert pianist, Rüya Taner, held a recital in Finland capital, Helsinki yesterday evening. The recital, which was organised by the TRNC Helsinki Representative, Hüsnü Duba, took place in the city’s Rock Church.

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  1. Why are the TRNC prolonging this flogging of a dead horse. They should look further afield and forget reunification.

    If it eve does come about very soon, then we can all see trouble arising and then Turkey stepping in and the barriers going back up.

    May as well keep the calm and somehow work to gain recognition from the crooks in the UN. One can see how they work with their attitude towards Israel, who should withdraw from the useless bigoted UN.

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