September 30, 2023

Turkey as agent for the TRNC has claimed an equity interest in the Aphrodite gas field

“Where do the Greek Cypriots think they are going with their stand on enosis? It is all part of the Byzantine negotiating game. Keep the talkers talking. However, the Turks have lost patience with the talk. The Greek Cypriots are now in grave danger. Who is running Turkey? What is he doing to Kurds, police, judges, and many others? What will he do to Greek Cypriots when energy independence for Turkey is at stake?”


Following the fascinating article by Roger L Jennings’ “Silent Diplomacy in Turkey – Looking back at how it happenedclick here and he had written a review article click here  in which he looked at the Cyprus negotiations developing and what the alternatives could be and now we have received a further letter evaluating the current developments.

Letter from America from Roger L Jennings…….

“I see you have posted Mr. Ozgurgun’s statement about the futility of the talks with the Greek Cypriot Administration (click here). Mr. Akinci is hoping against hope that he can get a deal, but people around him like Mr. Ozgurgun are more realistic. The reality is bad news for the Greek Cypriot people.

The Greeks successively expanded Greek territory 8 times after 1821, but then suffered a terrible defeat in Turkey in 1922 and now in Cyprus. It is time for the Greeks to give up on the Megali Idea and enosis. They claim to be Christians. It is time to act like Christians and practice love (God is Love) with respect to their neighbors, the Turks.

The Greek Cypriots apparently do not understand the Turkish persona. Turks never retreat. Turkey as agent for the TRNC has claimed an equity interest in the Aphrodite gas field. Don’t expect the Turks to back off that claim. They will take the gas by force, if necessary, and no country in the world will go to war with Turkey. The Greek Cypriots should negotiate with the TRNC so the TRNC gets an equity interest in the gas….to put an end to this crisis, and avoid military action.

Sincerely, Roger Jennings”

1 thought on “Letter from America : The Turks never retreat, even in Cyprus

  1. Very interesting analysis. However, not an indepth one, I feel. Description of Turkish persona is also not as simple as prescribed above . Making peace is a Turkish virtue and preached by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who said Peace at home and peace on Earth. Of course if the opposite party wants to make peace.The article did mention the current Turkish president, rightly so, as he is not a lover or a follower of Atatürk ! So the point raised is a valid one, as no one knows what he wıll be up to next!

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