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Tulips/HTWCA have been very lucky this week

Tulips/HTWCA have been very lucky this week with several unexpected donations.

We would like to thank:

1) The Kyrenia Society Library who along with all their members collected 300TL in memory of their vice chairman Yvette Alfred who passed away in March, thank you.

2) The Slimming World Group (Catalkoy and Alsancak) who hold a weekly raffle, then present the money raised to their chosen charity.  Tulips was nominated this time.  They gave us a fabulous donation of £80 GBP.

3)  Tony Humes who pledged to pay £1 GBP for every kilometer walked on the annual Cape to Cape walk, which is approximately 200 Kms, consequently Tulips received £200 GBP!

Thank you to everyone involved in all 3 donations, Tulips very much appreciate all your donations.

Many thanks
Sue and Carole