TRNC News 9.5.2017 Ertuğ: No one wants war in the Eastern Mediterranean


Ertuğ: “No one wants war in the Eastern Mediterranean”

The response given to the Greek Cypriots regarding the Turkish Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha research vessel by President Mustafa Akıncı, who said, “What we want to hear in the Eastern Mediterranean are the songs of peace and friendship, not the drums of war” has raised criticism.

Speaking to newspaper Haberal Kıbrıslı, former negotiator Osman Ertuğ evaluated the developments and stated that the problem was not provoked by Turkey but by the Greek Cypriot side. Emphasizing that no one wants war in the Eastern Mediterranean, Ertuğ said, “I do not think Turkish Cypriots want a war. We are working on solving the issues around reunification on the island with Turkey’s cooperation”.

He continued, “Cyprus’ resources are the property of both sides, and I think we should both benefit as partners. The drilling was communicated in advance but the Greek Cypriot side did not accept it. I think we need to act together as partners on such issues, but when I look at the Greek Cypriot side, I see that they are not ready for a partnership”.

Turkish Cypriot scientist Dr. Fikri Birey part of Stanford University team of scientists behind ‘critical’ development in stem cell research

New findings in the stem cell research by a group of scientists at Stanford University, including Turkish Cypriot scientist Dr. Fikri Birey, has been celebrated by the science community.

Findings related to the migration of nerve cells among human brain structures (organoids) have been hailed by scientists studying stem cells and regenerative biology as a ‘critical’ development in the scope of the ongoing research conducted by the Pascal Laboratories of the Stanford University Faculty of Psychiatry and Behavioural Sciences in the US.

The study, conducted by Turkish Cypriot neuroscientist and genetic expert Dr. Fikri Birey, Dr. Jimena Andersen and Dr. Chris Makinson was published in “Nature”, one of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals,  on 4th May

As part of the research, the scientists obtained more information about the origins of brain disorders such as autism and epilepsy, by using three-dimensional human brain cells (forebrain spheroids) produced in a lab dish. The scientists were able to attribute, for the first time, defects in neuronal migration to Timothy syndrome, a rare condition that predisposes people to autism, epilepsy and cardiac malfunction.

Güzelyurt Vocational High school wins prizes at the International Competition of Culinary Arts

The Güzelyurt Vocational High School had significant success at the International Competition of Culinary Arts in Portugal between 2-5 May.

The competition was organised by EURHODIP, a support association for hotel and tourism schools in and outside Europe, gathering some 150 schools and universities from 39 countries. It is hosted by the Portugal Tourism Organization. Three students and two teachers from the Güzelyurt Vocational High School represented the TRNC at the competition, winning the prizes of “Best Main Course”, “Best Mediterranean Diet” and “Best Wine Service”.

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