Readers letter from Richard Chamberlain…….

Good Morning Chris,

I hope you and Margaret are well. I don’t know whether what I have got to say is relevant to Cyprusscene, but I have been so incensed by the way the Europeans are treating the UK over proposed negotiations.

Richard Chamberlain

I have sent a letter to the Daily Mail and although we are guests in Northern Cyprus, there are a lot of British people who will be interested and concerned about the way things go and turn out in the so called “negotiations”. My letter read like this:

“Thousands of British men and women gave their lives in WWII to free the French, Dutch, Belgians, Italians and other European countries from the German tyranny, and now a majority of the British People have voted to leave the EU, those European countries have forgotten that and turned against us. They are aiming to teach us a lesson and show what will happen to other countries if they have the audacity to leave the EU.

Thanks a lot Europe! I hope if there is another time when they need help, we will tell them where to go!

I hope Teresa May does not give in to these bullies, and if necessary walk away from a bad deal.

Britain has had it rough before in the past and got through it and if we pull together we can get through it again.

If we get a bad deal, let us all stop buying things made in Europe and buy British or from a country outside the EU.

Lastly, I would very much like the British Government to be the first to recognise Northern Cyprus. We have got nothing to lose now!

Good Luck and Best Wishes to you all, except the Europeans!”