The Festival of North Cyprus began in London on 5th May 2017.

The North Cyprus Festival, which was organised in London for the first time,  started on Friday 5th May and will last for two days.


Supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and organized by “North Cyprus UK Limited”, the festival is held under the slogan “We are moving the TRNC to London” at “The Business Design Center”, one of London’s most prestigious exhibition centre.

Tourists, hoteliers, universities, banks, airline companies, construction and real estate companies and industrialists as well as Turkish Cypriot tourist related companies from London are participating in the festival.

There are many cultural and art activities in the festival, which are very popular.

The Festival has been organized for the Turkish Cypriots living in the UK, so it is possible to show Northern Cyprus as a tourism destination to all overseas sectors; it is aimed to promote mass and alternative types of tourism.

With the London event, it is also aimed to develop a spirit of solidarity for Turkish Cypriots living in London, which will benefit the Northern Cyprus economy.

In addition to the activities to promote the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus abroad,  the aim is for the festival, organized for the first time this year, to make the Turkish Cypriot residents living abroad feel welcome on the island.

During the opening of the festival, a group of Greek Cypriots gathered outside the exhibition area to protest against the festival.

The opening ceremony was conducted by Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoglu and Minister of Economy and Energy Sunat Atun.

Speaking at the opening, Fikri Ataoglu, Minister of Tourism and Environment, noted that the activities that were traditionally used by the Ministry to promote the country were also utilised  and publicity for the different cultures of the motherland have been introduced in England,

North Cyprus Festival London opened with many smiles of happiness

Describing the initiative to attract third and fourth generation Turkish Cypriots living in the UK to the land of their ancestors, Ataoglu explained that the Turkish Cypriots living in England would be in a position to promote their own country.

Ataoglu said that many of the Turkish Cypriots living in England are coming to the end of their working lives and they could easily become hosts for North Cyprus, and that after a while, they could be a host as a role model.

He emphasised that the possession of a home in North Cyprus would provide a serious input to the country’s economy, and said that the target is to change the way of taking holidays in other countries by the third and fourth generations living in England by directing them to their own country.

Ataoğlu said, “I hope that this festival event will not only stay here but that it will become traditional in the coming years.”

Recalling that they met with obstacles by the Greek Cypriots on every international event they were attending, Ataoglu said that the Turkish Cypriots were standing side by side against the protests being made against the festival event.

Minister of Economy and Energy Sunat Atun said that the TRNC should demand its own place in the global world and start with this understanding by saying that we should get recognition.

Bearing in mind that this is the government’s vision, Atun said for the first time that the ministries are working together to open up new markets.

Remarking that the Turkish Cypriot’s country is the Island of Cyprus, Atun pointed out the importance of the Turkish Cypriots living in England to have a home in their own homeland.

Noting that the UK’s Turkish Cypriots continue to work in fund management so that they can be hosted in North Cyprus, Atun said, “there are studies on the creation of funds and the provision of funding to give them priority.”

Referring to the protest by the Greek Cypriots outside the exhibition area against the event, Atun pointed out that we are on the right path and stated “how important it is for  Turkish Cypriots’ to demand their rights”.

Greek Cypriots low key unsuccessful protest that the Turkish Cypriots are holding a Festival in London


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    If you so oppose to APARTHEID, then why did you kill ONLY Turkish Cypriots during 1963-1974?

    Note: During 1963-1974, BARBAR and TERRORIST Greek Cypriots killed 2800 Turkish Cypriots (3% of the then-Turkish Cypriot population).