Northern Cyprus Tourism Week has Started

Fikri Ataoĝlu, Minister of Tourism and Environment, said that “Man, being the root of civilization and history, is taking his place in the world’s destinations with his characteristics changing the concept of ‘season and time’ in tourism and towards classification”.

Minister of Tourism and Environment, Fikri Ataoĝlu has published a message about Tourism Week.

Ataoğlu said “From the rapidly changing sectors of the ever changing world, tourism is now one of the most important elements of development and recognition which provides a solution to the economical problems of  countries as well as social and cultural influences, which started with a very good performance in 2017. We will continue to work tirelessly to increase the quality of every component of the tourism chain of travelling in our country, and are determined to be an international destination with quality”.

Ataoğlu also commented “We are approaching this goal day and day by turning our marketing activities into marketing with the right strategies in the international organizations in which we participate. As the Ministry, we are developing new and transparent methods in order to bring our voice to world tourism in the coming years. We incorporate all the components related to tourism into the process, and we attach importance to the PR activities in the promotion strategy we use”.

Ataoğlu noted, “With the awareness that countries and cultures of the world have moved forward with the culture and infrastructure of world tourism, we take advantage of our historical and natural beauty and cultural assets  and we are working with all our power to enrich our alternative tourism varieties. For the future, the sustainability of tourism in our policies will be the priority.