Spring Clean at

By Chris Elliott……..

Looking back at this past year we have seen an astronomical reading growth of our website and perhaps due to this, and the way in which we publish in a promotional fashion,  this brings even more news and reviews to our door by readers who seek our help and value the way we give it.

That is great news but we are very conscious of the need to keep cyprusscene looking fresh and positive so we gave it a little spring clean with a new newspaper style layout.

This proved to be a very helpful change as the icon links to many TRNC government websites, many of which are in English,  are now in a more prominent position. That  means those who wish to seek news or information or even contact the government departments can do so by clicking our links.

We also now have room to place many other news article features within the initial readings zone and for example readers can, if they wish,  send their news and reviews contributions for publication on cyprusscene and also northcyprusforum – the friendly forum. Click here for more information

May we take this opportunity of thanking all of our news and reviews contributors, both old and new, who have helped us grow cyprusscene from a small blog to a much sought after news and reviews website about Northern Cyprus which has a worldwide readership.

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  1. This is such a good internet site, well done, it keeps us fully informed as to what is happening in Northern Cyprus. So happy we can be a part of it. Thank you for all your hard work.