By Margaret Sheard …..

There will be an art exhibition of the work of Heidi Trautmann at the Rauf Raid Denktaş Culture and Congress Centre, Grand Exhibition Hall, Famagusta which will run from 15th April to the 15th May.

The opening will be at 6pm on Saturday 15th April, which is World Art Day, by invitation from EMU Rector Prof. Dr Necdet Osam and the exhibition will then be open during working hours until 15th May.

A bus has been arranged to travel from Girne to Famagusta and this will depart from the car park at the rear of the Post Office at 4.30pm on Saturday 15th April.   There will be a small charge of 25TL for people wishing to take advantage of not having to drive to Famagusta in their own vehicles.  The bus has been organised by Irene at Kaleidoskop and if you wish to travel by bus please ring Heidi 0533 876 7470 or Kaleidoskop directly 0392 815 1818 by mid-day on Tuesday 11th April to reserve a seat.  Please be on time.

The exhibition has been organised by Eastern Mediterranean University Centre for Cyprus Studies (EMU-CCS) and the European Mediterranean Art Association (EMAA).

There will be a catalogue in two volumes with all of Heidi’s work from 2001-2016, which she had put together for her children to show what she had done for most of her life in Cyprus.  The catalogue was put together by Omid Kalantar, a graphic designer with whom Heidi worked at ZOOM Magazine for two years, and is a great artist himself.  Zehra Şonya, sculptor and former president of EMAA, and co-worker to the Department of Cyprus Studies, is helping to set up the exhibition, another wonderful person.

Heidi will be giving a speech about art and its importance for education and world communication …. something she been working and fighting for, which is to support the arts as the most important tool for education.

Below is what Heidi has to say about art:

Many people ask, what is art? What does it stand for?: Is it part of interior design…  Or a sort of philosophy?  It is said that it can heal people……

For me ART is LIFE, it is life under a magnifying glass, it is made by people for people; it is to understand matters of nature and humanity;  when you spend time in nature or with a life model, to bring to canvas or paper what you see and feel, then you begin to understand what it is all about; birth, spring, summer, autumn and winter, the same applies to living beings from our first cry to our last sigh; you will understand the personality of the person sitting opposite you only after many sittings and still, it takes a long while to open and read the book of a person.