September 26, 2023

By Chris Elliott………

Having shared a link on a number of Facebook pages concerning the Sky News posting relating to Turkish Airlines action on the transportation of personal electrical equipment click here, I decided to email Pegasus Airlines and ask them if they would offer a similar service for transportation of personal electrical equipment on flights from Ercan to London as offered by Turkish Airlines for flights from Istanbul to London.

I received a reply from Pegasus Airlines and share the content and information below for those passengers intending to make flights from Ercan on Pegasus Airlines to London UK.


Thank you for your message.

We would like to inform you that you could check related web link about that situation.

Thank you for your interest.

Kind regards,

Pegasus Airlines
Guest Relations”

To help our readers intending to fly from Ercan to London  we have replicated the Pegasus Airlines webpage statement on the above link which we have shown below and if you want to read their original webpage posting or seek additional information, please click here 


“New hand baggage security requirements on flights to the United Kingdom


New hand baggage security requirements on flights to the United Kingdom

Due to new regulations announced by the related authorities in the United Kingdom, we would like to kindly inform our guests that any electronic device larger than a mobile phone or a smart phone, (ie any laptops, tablets, e-readers, gaming devices, keyboards, power cable transformers, spare or separate device batteries, portable power sources or external hard drives larger than 16cm long, 9.3cm wide or 1.5cm deep) are not permitted to be carried on board (with the passenger) on any of our flights arriving to any UK destination.

New cabin rules for all electronic devices carried on board as of 25th March 2017:

  1. Only electronic devices and smart phones smaller than the following dimensions will be allowed in the cabin:

        – Length: 16 cm

        – Width: 9.3 cm

        – Depth: 1.5 cm

  1. For all electronic devices which must be checked-in to be placed in the baggage hold:

       – All devices must be switched off when packed into check-in baggage and must not be                 connected or fitted to any kind of portable charging device,

     – Should be packed into strong boxes or safe packaging that will protect the device from               damage during transportation and loading,

     – Devices must be packed into the check-in baggage separately from all liquids (perfume,             cream etc.)

  1. All electronic devices larger than the allowed size except for medical devices must be checked-in at the airport check-in counters by placing them inside checked baggage to be transported in the baggage hold area underneath the aircraft.
  2. Transit guests must hand over the electronic devices which are not permitted to be carried on board at the boarding gate of their flights to the UK.

The restriction is only applicable on flights arriving to the UK and does not affect flights departing from the UK to Turkey.”


10 thoughts on “Pegasus Airlines : New hand baggage security requirements on flights to the United Kingdom

  1. What a shame Pegasus won’t do the same. We have a particular problem in that we travel back to UK with hand luggage only. Not sure how we are going to sort this out!

    1. Do let us know how you get on Janina.

      At worst, you will have to put your electronic goods in a small secure and protective case and book it in to go as checked-in luggage in the aircraft hold.

      Good luck

  2. what about increasing our luggage allowance accordingly? seeing as i have paid the full asking price

    1. Good point John,

      Try sending an email to Pegasus as I did and explain your point of view and if you receive positive news, do please let us know so we can tell the hundreds if not thousands of readers of this article.

  3. Hi.

    Can anyone clarify the rule for portable power banks/chargers. In one place it seemscto say you can have then in your hand luggage if they meet the size restrictions, but in another place it says no to all chargers.


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