Cyprusscene brings news of the TRNC Ministry of Health

By Chris Elliott……. is committed to publishing news and information in English from Northern Cyprus for our local and worldwide readership  but as the mother tongue is Turkish and with a lot of official information being published in Turkish, the  task is not easy!

I recently came across the website for the TRNC Ministry of Health which is very good especially for those expatriates that live or visit here and want information on healthcare and health issues but sadly it is in Turkish and needs translation.

That’s no problem as there is a Google App that will allow your Android, PC, Iphone or Ipad  device to translate a foreign  language website if you wish to read it in your  own language. Depending on the language chosen some words translated may not be correct but if you can understand the bulk of the page you are reading for information, then that  surely is really very helpful especially if in this case you wanted to read about healthcare in the TRNC.

Click here to visit the TRNC Ministry of Health website and click here for information on how to install your Google App for Android, PC, Iphone or Ipad.

As a service to local and worldwide readers we have included a widget click link at the bottom of our cyprusscene home page (shown below) which will allow you to visit many TRNC Government websites most of which are in English but of course you can now translate those that are in the Turkish language as well.

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