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St Andrew’s Church, Kyrenia – Mothering Sunday

By Margaret Sheard …..

St Andrew’s Church in Kyrenia will be holding a Mothering Sunday service on Sunday 26th March at 10.30am.   The Revd. Wendy Hough has asked us to share the following and said perhaps you would like to celebrate “Refreshment Sunday” and discover how the church should be mothering us. There will be gifts of flowers and rumour has it, even some Simnel cake to sample.

“A thought from John Dempster

It’s Mothers’ Day, or more properly ‘Mothering Sunday’ this week, the 4th Sunday in Lent. It seems that centuries ago in Europe ‘Mothering Sunday’ was a day when people returned to their ‘Mother church’ – servants would be given a day off to return to their families and worship together at the family church. Because time off was so rare it was also a rare day of family togetherness.

I’m thinking that there must be lots of people who have links in the past with St Andrew’s Church: folk who were baptised here, folk who attended for a while but whose inner journeys have since taken them away from the Church and perhaps away from God too.

If this is the case with you, and you’re feeling restless, or asking deep questions, or simply in need or in despair, then why not make this Mothering Sunday the day you come back to St Andrew’s Church, a community of people in whom, however imperfectly, you will find reflected the love of a God who has not forgotten you.”