Pit Stop, Çatalköy, Girne

By Margaret Sheard ….

Thank goodness for Pit Stop in Çatalköy.   There are many companies in North Cyprus which give excellent service and this is certainly one of them.

I experienced the annoyance of having 2 flat tyres on 2 consecutive weeks recently.  The first time I was visiting Pizzanini in Çatalköy and as I was leaving Nidai (the owner) pointed out that one of my rear tyres was flat, he telephoned Pit Stop for me and within a short time they appeared to put some air in the tyre so I could drive down to their premises which was nearby.    The mechanic at Pit Stop showed me the problem was the valve, which had disintegrated.    This was changed and he checked all my tyres before I left.

The following week, again on a Friday, I was about to set off for my Turkish class and could not believe that the other rear tyre was flat.   Chris took me to Çatalköy for my class and after the lesson, Karen, one of my fellow students kindly took me home, dropping in at Pit Stop on the way where I explained the problem and said it wasn’t urgent so later in the day or the following day would be fine as the car was at my home.

On Saturday morning at 9am I received a telephone call from Pit Stop to say the mechanic was outside my house (we have a large dog).   It was the same mechanic as the week before and he set about sorting out my flat tyre and again it was the valve, which he changed and sorted out the problem on the spot.  He also checked the oil, water and radiator while he was there.

I cannot praise Pit Stop enough for their excellent service.


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  1. Very good service, Margaret, and very honest too…

    Whenever I had a tyre problem on my car in England, I was told that I ‘had to replace the whole tyre’ and buy a new one. More than once I had my suspicions that it was just the valve at fault, but I’m no mechanic so it was difficult to argue!

    Many people who’ve moved here are quick to moan about north Cyprus, so its good to hear positive news like this.