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A Day in the Life of… Jacky…the “White Van“ girl

Fun, Faces and Fur


By Jacky a KAR volunteer….

I jumped at the chance to put into words why I volunteer at KAR. Want to know why……. so you can see what you are missing of course!

If you recall seeing the white KAR van travelling along the road, or outside the vets on Thursday mornings chances are I am the driver, taking the dogs and cats for their appointments.

I expect those of you who do, were impressed with my driving skills or if the windows were open, the singing. On the trips to the vets on Thursdays the Dogs, Cats and I, sing, bark and howl to songs like “The Wheels on the Bus” and “How Much is that Doggie in the Window”

We sing to reassure and calm each other as trips to the vets involve needles and the use of thermometers in rear ends. Fortunately there has not been any written complaints from anyone to Margaret Ray about the singing…….yet.

The residents of KAR go to the vets for a variety of reasons which I am sure you may know about.

Recently there has been “Charlie” the cat who had his jaw broken so he had it held in place with wire until it healed. Yes I did call him Jaws once or twice.

“Cheeky” a strong, big and determined dog was happy to leave the KAR van but wanted to go in any direction except towards the vets. Volunteering at KAR can certainly save money on gym fees and it enables you to have lovely walks.


KAR white van and cuddly loving Indra

Cuddles are free at KAR and “Indra” a soft, friendly dog loves letting her human slaves cuddle and carry her even into the vets.

When not driving the van I work with the team at the centre, cleaning, cuddling, cooking, washing puppies and caring for the dogs. The vast majority of the time smiling and enjoying  the fact that I am helping in a small way.

You only have to spend 5 minutes watching some of the animals’ antics, look at the wagging tails and lovely eyes before you end up smiling.


The “White Van “girl re-assuring Choco that it is safe to come out of the box !

There can be sad times when due to mistreatment or illness an animal dies but the team is supportive and there is always something that needs doing or an animal that needs attention to bring the smile back.

There are jobs that are not pleasant but are basic to the care of the animals…… for example clearing up poo. Not a fun job but after all we all produce poo!

Joking apart it is great seeing the animals heal, get adopted and learn to trust humans, as a result of the care they receive from everyone involved at KAR

So have a look for yourself, make up your own mind up, visit the centre and see if helping, in any way, is for you…..if you don’t try it you will never know what you are missing!

Since writing this article our lovely Indra was taken ill and sadly is no longer with us …RIP Indra

KAR Rescue Center banner












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