Having medical treatment at the Kamiloglu Hospital, Girne

By Chris Elliott……

Living here in North Cyprus if you need medical treatment you have to pay for it  and for those folk who do not make adequate financial planning to cover medical needs, do think again.

OK, so we often hear of folk who go back to the UK to seek free medical treatment which by the time you add up travel costs etc was it actually free.

When you are in pain or distressed by a medical issue, you just want it fixed PDQ and that is assured here in the TRNC although some will prefer to go UK bound and then go into some queuing system with referrals from one department to another .

In the final analysis perhaps those folk who are diagnosed with cancer and choose to return to the UK for treatment may be making the right choice as here the cost of treatment for cancer is very high and of course the patient will then have that very necessary support from UK-based family and friends.

For general medical treatment North Cyprus can provide it quickly and at a reasonable price as highlighted by our reader’s comment below about the Kamiloglu Hospital in Girne..

 “Alistair Carrol


I visited this hospital for the first time, I was very impressed at the service, was advise on arriving in the TRNC that Hospital Treat was very expensive.

I had problems walking and actually had an Kamiloglu Hastanesi logoappointment in the U.K. but was advised the delay was three months on the NHS.

I walked in to the Kamiloglu Hospital at around 12.30, was advise I could see the Consultant at 3.45, following a short discussion, I was sent down for a x-ray, was given advice on the problem, back on my feet in 24 hrs,. no pain whatsoever.

On arriving at the hospital I asked if I could pay by Debit Card, as I worried that I would not have enough cash in my pocket, I need not have worried, as the cost was a fraction of what I would have paid going private in the U.K.

I had given up my private insurance, as at 76 years of age, my premiums were £18000 a year.

O.K. you don’t have a private room and all the other bull you get at The Nuffield or BUPA but what I can say the service/treatment at The Kamiloglu Hospital was second to none and as have already said, at a fraction of the U.K. cost.”


The comment above was received like many others click here on an article about the Kamiloglu Hospital.