By John Aziz Kent…….

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John Aziz Kent

I wonder how Mr Akıncı managed to keep the Cyprus Peace negotiations going for nearly two years knowing Mr Anastasiades has no patience with people

When, as the founder of TRNC tourism and then Honorary President of the TRNC Hoteliers Association,  I tried to talk at the American Embassy to Mr Anastasiades a few weeks before his election as President about bringing the two Cyprus communities together by organising a joint two centre holiday project between south and north Cyprus, he just turned his back to me and walked away even though I had met him before several times.

Akinci and Anastasiades

Mr Akıncı should be given a medal for being patient and tolerating him for such a long time. Mr Anastasiades was a king and now he has promoted himself to be an Emperor at least that is how I felt with the way he treated me.

I feel very sorry that Mr Akinci has had to suffer him all this time to try to solve this very serious Cyprus problem, especially as the solution has to be based on TRUTH of the past historical disasters that the former Republic of Cyprus caused when they sought Enosis (union) with Greece.  In fact the world should think again since the former popular UK, Foreign Minister, Mr Jack Straw said the EU should try and repair the damage they have done by imposing Embargoes on the Turkish Cypriot people by accepting the south of  Cyprus as EU members with the support of Greece as well

Cyprus  not only bankrupted themselves, they nearly destroyed the EU as well but still treat the Turkish Cypriots as if they should not exist in Cyprus so that they can achieve Enosis (Union) with Greece.

Please WORLD, wake up to all that is going on in Cyprus before we have more unsolvable disasters than we already had in the past.