September 28, 2022

We have received news of a fascinating event which promises to be an excavation of history through image and sound which is to be held at the ancient Bedesten in Lefkosa when there will be a private viewing of an exhibition of the work of Deniz Akça Holliss on Friday the 10th February at 16.00pm and a further public viewing on Saturday 11th February from 10.00am to 16.00pm


Born and raised in the divided city of Nicosia, Cyprus, Deniz Akça Holliss (1984) has always been curious and interested in the coexistence of different ethnic identities.

Her education and work experience in architecture in Istanbul influenced her deniz-holliss-2further to observe the oppressed identities within the Turkish society and criticize the way they are represented in film and fine art.

Practice-led research looks in particular at Turkish film and the architecture of Istanbul’s Istiklal Avenue (a street famous for its cinemas) investigating the ways in which films may be both fictional and non-fictional means of representing feminine identity.

Deniz is particularly interested in the sensual experience of her work as it moves from virtual space into the real space of presentation, where it gains (or loses) new forms of tactility.

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