July 5, 2022

By Chris Elliott……..

Living in North Cyprus we either have great internet or it goes flaky from time to time and we read comments people make in the social media saying  this ISP is bad or that ISP is no good, but is that generalisation a true reflection of the issue they are perhaps having.

There are lots of reasons for internet outages and that is not a subject for this article other than to say that internet Snails pace internetsignals are fed through TTNet Turkey direct to North Cyprus by fiber optic cable as common signals. From there it goes  via the Internet Service Providers to their respective customers.

There could be failures of signals before arriving at TTNet, Turkey or before arriving at ISP’s or of the signals after leaving them and reaching their respective customers.

We use Multimax and are very happy with their service which is important to us with all of our publishing on cyprusscene but  from time to time there are issues for one reason or another.

Now here is strange thing, we can be watching NTV on our television and when this has started to break up I have tried to watch Youtube videos in the same room on a tablet without the same level of downgrading so does this indicate that the ISP is at fault or does it indicate that some internet signals can be failing when others do not. Perhaps in the weeks ahead we may be able to tell you more of the mysteries of internet issues in North Cyprus.

Over this past weekend we received an SMS news message from our internet service provider, Multimax, which has been sent to their customers in Northern Cyprus as part of their policy of keeping customers updated on service issues and also showing good customer care and service.

“Saturday 4th February 9:50

We are currently experiencing a TTNET issue, customers may be experiencing some buffering and intermittent services.

We are waiting for TTNET to rectify the issue ASAP, but they have not given us an estimated time of solution as of yet.

Thank you for your patience.

Well done Multimax for keeping customers up to date!



3 thoughts on “Multimax keep their customers updated on service issues 4th February 2017

  1. After the expensive and shambolic, unpredictable and expensive internet provision in Australia, Multimax is brilliant. Getting messages re internet snafus left me gobsmacked

  2. We had problems and we repeatedly reported them and NOTHING was done Multimax refused to come out and check the faults.. Also we noticed that it happened the same time every night – strange that??? As someone who has Trained/Assessed and Verified Customer Service NVQs to Level 4, I found their customer service deplorable.

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